Our Minister


Dany Crosby

From The Minister- November 2016


In a recent “Living the Questions” we explored the subject of “Legacy: What will we leave behind?” As is always the case, it was a deeply rich and moving conversation. One area that we looked at was the people who have touched our lives, have inspired us and left their legacy upon us as individuals. Not so much famous and celebrated people but ordinary and seemingly nameless ones who have touched our lives and continue to touch our lives long after they have gone. People who were living breathing sources of inspiration, who were incarnations of love, the word made flesh through the way that they lived. The people who have inspired us. The people who awakened something within us. Who planted seeds in our hearts and souls or who nurtured those seeds and helped them grow.

It is so vital to recognise these moments of inspiration in others and within ourselves if we are to create the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of love in our lives. It matters because I believe everything matters, every thought, every word, every deed and every feeling. Everything matters because everything impacts and effects everything else. We impact on the lives of everyone and everything all the time. We are inspirations to one another, even if we are not aware of it. We need to recognise this, we need to be aware of how important we are and how we impact on life.

We are all inspirations to one another.

Who are the people who have inspired you? Who planted the seeds of love or who nurtured those seeds and enabled them to grow and flower? Who have been the inspirations in your lives?

In this season of remembrance, it is important to pay homage to those who have touched our lives. Perhaps that is something we could do in the coming weeks, remember the souls who have touched and transformed our lives. Let’s not merely remember them though. Let us instead create acts of remembrance by bringing that love alive in our own lives and become inspirations to those we meet in our daily lives. Love and respect

Rev Danny