Our Minister


Dany Crosby

From The Minister- July 2017


Help us fulfil what lies within the circle of our lives " each day we ask no more, no less. Untangle the knots within, so we can mend our hearts' simple ties to others. Free us to walk your path with joy!" by Neil Douglas-Klotz " "Prayers of the Cosmos."

Towards the end of August, I have the honour of serving as "Minister of the Week" at "Hucklow Summer School". The theme for this year is "Walk Your Path with Joy - Finding Hope and Resisting Despair in Turbulent Times". I will be serving those present and helping them spiritually, mentally and emotionally through what will be a deeply challenging week. It is not a holiday, I am there to serve, to minister to all present.

How to find hope and resist despair is most definitely a pertinent question for everyone, we seem to be in midst of incredibly turbulent times. As a nation we are facing the most challenging time in my memory. There are many forces at work that seem to want to divide us. Our political classes are at war and economic troubles are on the increase, there is violence on the streets from haters of life and extremists of many kinds. Every day the news is filled with chaos and loss of life. Now, I am not naive, this is not new. This has been happening all over the world throughout my lifetime, it's just I've never seen it to this extent in this country.

It is easy to feel powerless against this tide of despair. How do we keep our heads up and our eyes and hearts open to one another and life, how do we find Hope in the midst of all of this?

Well, I believe it begins with what I have already witnessed. It begins in and through service. Rabindranath Tagore said "I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." It begins by bearing witness to the love and service and the coming together I have witnessed on the same TV screens and also very close at hand, as I have seen ordinary people helping, holding and inspiring one another. I see it in the little things as well as the bigger things. It doesn't take away the suffering but it brings to life the love present in each of us, a power that will always overcome the powers that divide us. To quote Jo Cox "There is more that unites us than divides us" or, in the words of Harry Stack Sullivan, "We are all much more simply human than otherwise, be we happy and successful, contented and detached, or miserable and mentally disordered, or whatever." We all live with the same struggles, we are all born from the same earth, live under the same sun and I believe have the same spirit running through us all.

Some people say "everything happens for a reason", in so doing, suggesting it is all part of God's plan. I have never believed this and believe it simply opens the great theodicy question "How can an all-powerful and all loving God allow suffering?" A question that comes into my consciousness constantly as a minister of religion. My truth is that I do not believe that everything in life is pre-ordained or pre-determined, the future is unwritten. I believe it in the Lure of Divine Love, that all life is given free will and it is my task to bring love alive in my life and to encourage others to do the same through my example. In this sense, I am not powerless against the tide of despair. In so doing, Hope rises from the ashes of suffering and meaning emerges through my living and breathing. This is why everything matters, every thought, every breath, every feeling, every action, and every word. This is also where I find joy in life, through love and service for others, despite the very real turbulence all around me.

May love guides us in the weeks ahead, may it lead us to Hope and away from Despair, in spite of the very real suffering present in life.

Love and respect

Rev Danny