Our Minister


We are delighted to announce that the Rev. Stephen Lingwood has agreed to take up ministry with our congregation starting at the beginning of January 2018. We applaud the innovative vision and thinking that Stephen showed at the interview held in the Friends Meeting House recently and very much look forward to working with him.

The Rev. Maud Robinson gave her last service to Cardiff Unitarians/Undodiad Caerdydd on Sunday 26th March 2017 at the Friends Meeting House, Charles Street, Cardiff. We spent time together joining in a yoga nidra meditation and this led into a full discussion over tea on the efficacy of healing and prayer and also what is meant by healing and prayer.
On behalf of the congregation Gwynn Pritchard, Chair thanked Maud for her excellent services which are some of the most inspiring, excellent and sometimes challenging services that we have experienced as a congregation. He thanked Maud for her time with us and although sad to say goodbye we wish Maud every happiness for the future. Maud in turn wished us as a congregation all the best and hoped that we would find a new minister to walk the path with us.

We are grateful to have had the support of Worship leaders in our own congregation to take services as well as Worship leaders from other chapels and churches in South East Wales Unitarian Society District.