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Unitarian Experience Week

Experience 2016

Unitarian Discovery Holiday 2016

Rising from the ashes of Unitarian Experience Week, Unitarian Discovery Holiday has since 2012 evolved an identity of its own, with a distinctive mix of fellowship and fun. In 2016 the theme was "Navigate Life – Mapping Ourselves", and in July about sixteen people navigated the roads to the Nightingale Centre with enthusiasm for a week of discovery.

Early arrivals enjoyed tea and cake in the lounge, and after dinner there was a quiz, with questions about transport, journeys and places, including a round in which we were called on to identify Unitarian places of worship from clues about the name (e.g. which chapel has an African capital city in its name? Cairo Street, Warrington).

There was the usual programme of walks, led by David Copley. A session of Music Appreciation, with a selection including Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov, Duke Ellington, Flanders and Swann, and Kraftwerk. There were two theme talks, and these were given by a married couple. Firstly Rev. Jean Bradley led a session on Real Landscapes, which included a stroll round the grounds noting what we saw, before we returned to the Centre to make our own "personal maps".

The second theme talk was by Jean's husband, Rev. Alex Bradley. His theme was A Transport of Delight. Accompanied by part of his collection of transport memorabilia, Alex spoke about his passion for trains, trams and buses, asking us to share our memories about public transport. Afterwards we travelled to Crich Tramway Village, near Matlock, for an enjoyable day looking at and riding on a variety of trams from all parts of the country.

Other features of the Holiday included walks, crafts, and a choir and music group. Each day began and ended with Spiritual Reflections, which the attendees took turns to lead.

There will be another Unitarian Discovery Holiday in Great Hucklow this year. It will take place between 17-21 July, and the theme will be "The Butterfly Effect – Small Beginnings, Large Consequences". See you there!

Steven Williams.

(More details about Unitarian Discovery Holiday are available from www.ukunitarians.org.uk/discovery/ and from www.facebook.com/unitariandiscoveryholiday/ ).


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