Here at Old Chapel we have many activities to help raise funds for our Chapel. The first is our annual pantomime. We perform a pantomime every February half term and this is one of our main fundraisers.

Every month, on a Tuesday evening, we have regular coffee evenings, which differ from month to month. Some of our favourites are mystery drives, comedy nights or a general sing along. These evenings are a good way to have a chat and socialise whilst raising funds for our much loved chapel along with other charities both within and outside our denomination.

Here at Old Chapel we have a Ladies Group. They meet bi-monthly for a chance to socialise both with other women in our congregation.

Here at Old Chapel we enjoy interacting with congregations of other denominations within the local area. This includes events such as The Women's World Day of Prayer, The Whitsuntide Walks and our own Songs of Praise. Visit our new photo gallery to see some of our activities in action.


Other Users For our Hall

Our hall is available to be hired for many different activities. Currently we have a few different groups that use our hall.

A Karate group meet on Wednesdays weekly

The Family History Group - Dukinfield Branch
The Family History Group meet in our hall once a month on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm.

Fund raising events for July 2017 to December 2017


Tue 25th

Games Night

Ref Joan and Elizabeth

Door and raffle Dawn


Sat 19th

John and Elizabeth's Quiz Night

Ref Joyce and Jennifer

Door and Raffle Bronwyn


Tues 5th

Tue 19th

Panto Play Reading

Dominoes Night

Refreshments- Jean and Shirley

Door and Raffle- Betty


Saturday 21st

Tue 31st

Autumn Fair

Fair review meeting and fund raising meeting


Friday 7th

Tue 28th

Panto Bonfire

Alan and Sue - a Concert

Refreshments- Cheese and wine Bronwyn to organise

Door - Jennifer


Tuesday 5th

Christmas Customs

Refreshments - wine and mince pies

Door/Raffle - Emma -

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