Fight poverty through Fairtrade

Fair Trade

Our Fairtrade stall is open every Sunday selling goods that are fairly traded.

All profits go to help our partner Church in Madras and the night school' for village children in nearby Ammanabakkum.

In September 2000 St. Mark's opened its first stall devoted to selling Fairtrade goods. This enables members and friends to purchase guaranteed Fairtrade products each Sunday after the service while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with biscuits (Fairtrade of course!) together with a friendly chat.

All products bear the Fairtrade mark, the consumer label that guarantees a better deal for marginalised and disadvantaged third world producers. A minimum price is paid to the producer which covers the social cost of production. This means that farmers receive enough payment to cover the price of producing the commodity and to afford a basic standard of living for their families, that includes education of their children and health care for the family. The Fairtrade mark also guarantees that no child or forced labour is used.

The Fairtrade products on sale include - tea, coffee, sugar, honey, drinking chocolate, biscuits, snack bars, chocolate, rice, muesli; with greetings cards, incense, and a few additional non-food items.

Our Fairtrade goods are bought either directly from Tradecraft plc or through a Fairtrade wholesaler which gives us a margin of between 15% to 20% while selling at the Recommended Sale Price. This margin does not simply return to our church coffers, but is sent on a regular basis to our sister Unitarian church in Madras, South India, and is used in their outreach activities. The main beneficiary is the village night school for underprivileged local children of the untouchable caste. They work during the daytime, but now receive a rudimentary education in the late afternoon and early evening. This School is funded entirely by the Madras Unitarian church, who receive regular donations from the Edinburgh and Glasgow congregations, with whom it is twinned.