April evening sunshine at Gellionnen Chapel

Photos ©Jeff Griffiths

Our day clearing Gellionnen graveyard, February 2017

Photos ©Stephanie John

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, we participated in the World Jewish Congress' global campaign of remembrance. We at Gellionnen Chapel, South Wales, remember all of the victims and pledge never to forget.

Photos ©Rory Castle-Jones

Mari Lwyd visit to Gellionnen 15th January 2017

Photos ©Stephanie John

We welcomed young visitors to our Gellionnen Christmas service on 18th December 2016 and Ann Jameson played the cello

Photos ©Martyn Edwards

The Annual District Carol Service was held at Gellionnen Chapel on 4th December, 2016.

Photos ©Stephanie John

Alun Day assisted by Gethin, of Premier Chimney Sweeps, swept the chimney at Gellionnen-The White Chapel- this morning. Guess which one is The Sweep? By the dirt on Gethin's face you'd think it was him but in fact it's Alun-the clean one- who is The Sweep. It may not look like it but I can vouch for the fact that Alun DID NOT send poor Gethin up the chimney!!

Photos ©Julie Nedin

In September 2016 the congregation of Gellionnen and Graig sent a message of congratulations to Rev Alun Wyn Dafis at the occasion of his inauguration at Brondeifi chapel

Photo ©Phillip Griffiths

The first same sex marriage in Gellionnen took place on 8th August 2016 between Rhys Jones and Rory Castle, the celebrant was the Rev. Eric Jones.

Photo ©Stephanie John

Photos ©Jim Elliott

Sandra Beynon delighted the congregation at Gellionnen chapel by arriving for service on 28th February in her Welsh Lady's costume.
The service that day was taken by Lis Dyson-Jones on a theme of "Lessons from three Davids" One of the readings was the poem "Miracle on St. David's Day" by Gillian Clarke.

Photos ©Martyn Edwards

Mari Lwyd visits Gellionnen chapel, 10th January 2016

Some parts of Wales continue to follow the tradition of the pre-1752 Julian calendar and celebrate New Year (in Welsh 'Hen Galan') on 13 January. Here it is celebrated with the Mari Lwyd, a wassailing folk custom found in South Wales. Mari Lwyd - which means Holy Mary or Grey Mare - takes the form of a decorated horse-skull on a pole operated by a man in a white sheet. It was performed here at Gellionen Chapel. It is altogether less sinister than it might appear with the antics of the Mari Lwyd being performed for laughs

Photos and text ©Jeffrey Griffiths

The annual Pontardawe Town Festival service in a celebraton of folk music. Gellionnen 16th August 2015.

Alun Wyn and his daughter Ffion talk to Marian Littlepage outside Gellionnen after the service

Alun Wyn Dafis leads the annual Pontardawe Town Festival service

Photos ©Cas Smith

Musicians and congregation picnic after the folk service.

The youngest member of the congregation at Gellionnen for the folk service, Molly, was sung to by us all as she was celebrating her third birthday the following day.

Jane and Bryroni enjoy the picnic afterwards

Photos ©Martyn Edwards

Early in August we were pleased to have a small group come to Gellionnen to sing for their own pleasure. They are part of a larger choir called Humbrella who meet together to sing harmony songs from around the world. Under the leadership of Stuart Jones who, as a member of the Natural Voice Practitioner Network, advocates teaching singing in an inclusive way, without assuming any musical knowledge or skill, all songs are learned by rote without use of music scores.
Humbrella was established in 2009 and welcome new members. They sing together on a Monday evening in Llangyfelach Church hall from 7.30 until 9.30. No audition is required.

Photos and video supplied by Jeni Burridge

The congregations of Gellionnen and Graig welcomed Rev Carie Johnsen (sitting second right), visiting Wales from USA. Carie preached on partnership churches on July 19th 2015, sharing lunch with us in Gellionnen Chapel afterwards.

Photo ©Martyn Edwards

Aneirin Jones is 16 years old and in the 6th form at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera. He recently took part in the "Lessons from Auschwitz" scheme, run by the Holocaust Education Trust. He shared some of his thoughts and reflections on the experience at a service at Gellionnen Chapel in March.

Photo by Martyn Edwards

Rev. Carie Johnsen visited Wales in January and February 2015.
Carie serves a congregation in Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Augusta, USA.
She presented Julie Nedin with a gift for Gellionnen Chapel when she attended the service with Ystradgynlais Mari Lwyd team.

Rev Carie Johnsen meets Mari Lwyd at New Year celebration in Gellionnen Chapel, Trebanos.

Photos by Martyn Edwards

Gellionnen at the start of New Year 2015.

Photos by Ben Rees

Pontardawe, South Wales.
20th July, 2014

A vigil was held, along with others across the country, by attenders of Gellionnen & Graig Trebanos Unitarian Church to raise awareness and support for everyone affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Simultaneious vigils were held across the country in a non-partisan denouncement of the continuing violence affecting all people in Israel, Gaza and the Palestinian Territories and to bring attention to suffering and the work of groups endeavoring to bring peace

Attenders of Gellionnen & Graig, Trebanos, Unitarian Church came together at midday at Pontardawe Cross. Our peaceful vigil denounced the continuing violence and suffering of all people in Israel, Gaza and the Palestinian territories. We also want to highlight and celebrate the work being done by groups to foster peaceful links between all those affected.

The action was initiated by Ipswich Unitarian Alison Mercer in response to the strong values expressed by our faith community. Unitarians oppose all oppression and discrimination and affirm the values of peace, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation:

We have a tradition in Unitarianism of standing up for others, as we believe in the underlying unity and connectedness of humanity.

We commend the work of the following charities:

A UK charity which seeks to protect all of the children and their communities in Israel and Palestine by focusing upon building alliances with like-minded organisations in the Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and the West Bank

A charity creating opportunities for Jewish and Arab children to meet and become involved with one another in their daily lives.

Views of the Chapel

All photos by Keith Lewis-Jones except where stated

Jane Carpenter showing her stained glass panel.
5th January, 2014

Photos by Sandra Beynon

Sarah Jones and Jane Carpenter receiving their Membership Certificates from Rev. J. Eric Jones
5th January, 2014

Photo by Sandra Beynon

Visit of Bill Darlison, GA President, to Gellionnen Chapel, Trebanos
13th October, 2013

On 18th August, 2013, the Pontardawe Folk Service was held at Gellionnen Chapel.

The following images are courtesy of Colin Morgan

On 13th January, 2013, the Mari Lwyd visited Gellionnen Chapel.
Photos courtesy Colin Morgan

On 19th August, 2012, the Pontardawe Folk Service was held at Gellionnen Chapel.
Photographs by Bob Grainger Photography

On 13th May, 2012, a picnic was held on Gellionnen Mountain.
Photographs by Bob Grainger Photography

In 2008 Rhiannon, Hafwen and Branwen performed at the picnic on Gellionnen Mountain.
Photograph by Jane Carpenter