Our Organ

Our Organ

A series of workshops and events that will take place monthly, in the church on Saturday afternoons:

Loving God, Neighbours and Selves

Sat 9 Nov 2017, 2pm - 5pm,

Francis Clark-Lowes, DPhil, writer

When Jesus was challenged to name "the great commandment" he paraphrased texts from Deuteronomy ("Thou shalt love the Lord thy God etc.") and Leviticus ("Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"). Could it be that the second requires the first? The aim in asking this question is to explore the meaning of the Great Commandments in terms which could make sense in the twenty-first century. No need to book a place.

The Lord's Prayer

Sat 27 Jan 2018, 2pm - 5pm,

Jef Jones, lay leader, Brighton Unitarian Church & Stephen Crowther, lay pastor, Hastings

Neil Douglas-Klotz's book, Prayers of the Cosmos, offers a radical new translation of the Lord's Prayer from the original Aramaic language. Using the book as our starting point, in this workshop we will explore our individual responses to the different interpretations Klotz offers of Jesus Christ's well-known and familiar words. No need to book a place.


Sat 24 Feb 2018, 1pm - 5pm

Sarah Oyetunde, artist, facilitator and therapist

This workshop is about learning to create mandalas intuitively using the organic geometry we see all around us in nature. Sarah provides a gentle space to facilitate feeling at ease with the art materials and supporting you to grow your own unique mandala. The technique is something you take away with you for your own practice. No art experience is necessary. Spaces limited, please book your place.

Centring Prayer

Sat 24 March 2018, 2pm - 5pm,

Stephen Crowther, lay pastor, Hastings Unitarian Church

Akin to meditation, Centring Prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship. It can facilitate the movement into a receptive prayer of resting in God. In this workshop, we will learn more about Centring Prayer through the writings of Thomas Keating and practical experience. No need to book a place.

Participation in all workshops will be by donation. To book a place or for more information, please contact: Stephen Crowther tel: 01273 329529; email:

Regular Weekly Activities:

Circle Dancing - Mondays - 10.15 - 12.00

Circle Dancing - Thursdays - 10.45 - 12.15

Knit & craft - 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month - 2.00 - 4.30


For enquiries about bookings and hiring the hall please contact Frances Croxford - 07552 587 860.

Facilities include a large carpeted room (used for our services) with flexible seating, a well-equipped kitchen including a dishwasher, a cloakroom with two cubicles and washing facilities.

Unfortunately the church hall is not suitable for children's events.