Sunday Worship

Who will be there?

There are usually around 15-20 people attending a Sunday Service. There is no dress code, please wear what ever makes you feel comfortable.On the first Sunday of every month we run a Children's Chapel when children stay for the first 10 minutes or so and then join their own programme in a separate room on the premises. If they prefer to stay with you, that is fine. Likewise, babies and very small children are welcome to stay with you through the service.

Who leads the service and what style is it?

The service can be lead by a variety of people, including visiting speakers and members of our own congregation. This helps us to offer an interesting mix of traditional and more creative elements.

How do you begin?

In common with Unitarians worldwide, we start by lighting a candle - our chalice lighting. The flaming chalice is a symbol of our Unitarian faith.

Tell me more about the service

We continue with hymns, a story, readings, times for prayer/ meditation/reflection and a sermon of ten minutes or so. The readings are often prose or poetry from contemporary spiritual writers. The service lasts about an hour in all and is followed by time for tea, coffee and fellowship to which everyone is welcome and invited to attend.

What about music?

We feel that music can be equally as effective as words in creating a sense of wonder, inspiration and discovery. We like to incorporate a variety of traditional, world and folk music in our services.

"We come together in celebration and in silence;

to celebrate the Spirit of Life which is ever present,
to celebrate the Gift of Life which is ours to know to celebrate the uniqueness of Life which we experience in our individual ways.
In celebration and silence we come;
to be silent in the face of wonder and mystery,
to be silent as we ponder the joys and sorrows of our days, to be silent as we admit to our imperfections and wrongdoings. In celebration and silence we come;
to give thanks,
to challenge our minds,
to seek forgiveness,
to offer praise,
to share our lives,
to receive inspiration,
to feel connected,
to know the joy of being with each other.
We come together in worship."

With thanks for these words to Rev Sylvia Howe. Reprinted with permission.