Events April 2017

Saturday 8th Coffee Morning
Hosts: Kath & Jack Binks
Tuesday 11th The W.I. 7.45pm
Speaker: Mr K Vigurs
Theme: 'Mystery Shopping'
Teas: C Bradshaw & E Beresford
Competition: A Shopping Bag
Wednesday 26th Community Spirit, 8.00pm

Events May 2017

Tuesday 9th The W.I. 7.45pm
Speaker: Mr J Mumford
Theme: 'Legal and Financial Issues'
Teas: M Nelson & K Maltby
Competition: A Coin
Saturday 13th Coffee Morning
Hosts: Roy and Margaret Wain
Mon 15th Tue 16th
Thur 18th Fri 19th
Embroidery Classes 10.00am to 3.00pm organised by Nicola Hilton
Monday 22nd Parish Council, 7.30pm