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Let's see now …

… just what June 8th will bring

Yes, it's election time, and we're each of us busy, I'm sure, making up our minds as to which way to vote.

Do you intend to vote for a party? Do you intend to vote for an individual politician to be your representative? Shall you vote 'tactically' or 'strategically'. Or shall you, perhaps, withhold your vote altogether as an expression of scepticism as to whether or not it makes any difference?

How does our Unitarian tradition view the relationship between spirituality and politics? In "Unitarian? What's That?", Cliff Reed asserts:-

"As a community, Unitarians are spiritual, not political,
but our spirituality has political implications."

It is surely fair to say that in our tradition we urge and encourage one another to think independently and freely, as these hymn-words by Arthur Kevess testify:-

My thoughts are my own; my thoughts freely flower.
My thoughts are my own, my thoughts give me power;
No scholar can map them, no hunter can trap them;
No-one can deny: my thoughts are my own!

So I think as I please, and this gives me pleasure;
My conscience decrees this right I must treasure
My thoughts will not cater to duke or dictator;
No-one can deny: my thoughts are my own!

(an English version of a German Folk Song)

Does our tradition offer an insight into the point and purpose of the whole elective machine within which we happily set one another free – to 'think for yourself?'

"The democratic process is an act of faith: not faith that any one point of view will prevail, but faith that the will of the people will point us toward beloved community."

William Sinkford

And what might be the characteristics of that faith in the power of community? Shelley Jackson Denham offers a few touchstones for us in these hymn words:-

Faith is a forest in which doubts play and hide;
Insight can hear the still small voice inside.
Vision be my guide as I seek my way;
Speak through me in all I do and say.
Seeds of both meek and strong are scattered in air;
Dignity shines undimmed by bigotry's glare.
Justice be my guide as I seek my way
Speak through me in all I do and say.
Fortune and famine ride the swift winds of chance;
Sorrow and pleasure seem united in dance.
Mercy be my guide as I seek my own way;
Speak through me in all I do and say.

Shelley Jackson Denham

In your deliberations, and in your decisions about voting – indeed in and about your very living – may there be insight and vision, dignity and justice, unity of thought and emotion … and good dollop of mercy!

Happy Election, Michael