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Let's see now …

… whether you can come up with the connection between: Captain Haddock, a giant white rabbit, and a 12-year-old boy in Tasmania called Campbell Remess?(!)

All will be revealed on Sunday February 26th, when our service will be a Do It Ourselves exploring the place and power of 'Cuddly Toys' in our lives, to which you are invited to bring anecdotes, poems, pictures and furry friends themselves (inanimate!) to contribute to this celebration of cuddly companionship (*).

This theme was reinforced for me towards the end of last year, when it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't seen my own Teddy Bear for a few years, and wondered whether in one of those de-cluttering moods I had got rid of it… or I should say him.

It was in the period between my Dad's death and his funeral that I expressed this wondering, and thank goodness Julie was able to point me straight to the black bin-bag in which I had put Teddy, and various other cuddly friends, for safe-keeping the last time we moved house. He was immediately located and unwrapped, and is sitting still in quiet contemplation near to my bed - having become the longest-standing physical constant and presence in my life.

If he behaves well between now and then I will bring Ted along to enjoy the service on Feb 26th, and he and I will both look forward to the surprises, delights, and poignancies that will surely arrive with you all that morning.

In the mean time I would like to move us on from the mention of Dad's death with a text given by the funeral director to each of us in our close family group, with that very same intention of helping me, and us, to move back on into life:-

Life is an opportunity - benefit from it
Life is a beauty - admire it
Life is bliss - taste it
Life is a dream - realise it
Life is a challenge - meet it
Life is a duty - complete it
Life is a game - play it
Life is costly - care for it
Life is wealth - keep it
Life is love - enjoy it
Life is mystery - know it
Life is a promise - fulfil it
Life is a sorrow - overcome it
Life is a song - sing it
Life is a struggle - accept it
Life is a tragedy - confront it
Life is an adventure - dare it
Life is luck - make it
Life is too precious - do not destroy it
Life is Life - fight for it!

Mother Teresa

I've been wanting to share those words ever since November 15th, in the spirit of paying something forward. May their sentiments provoke in all of us a renewed welcome to this New Year, and a renewed sense of intention, purpose, and hopefulness!

Love, Michael