Liverpool Unitarians: Faith and Action (edited by Daphne Roberts and David Steers)

The Unitarian churches on Merseyside have an unbroken history that stretches back over four hundred years. In that time they have included in their congregations many people who have made remarkable contributions to the life of Liverpool, the region, and the nation, whether in industry and commerce, in education and the arts or in responding to the needs of society, particularly the poor and marginalized.

This well illustrated book examines a number of prominent individuals and families who have been part of this story. Its contributors are all people who themselves have a contemporary connection with the same community of faith.

Contents are as follows:

  • Bernard Cliffe: 'Memorials of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth Park'
  • Bernard Cliffe: 'Jeremiah Horrocks 1618-1641'
  • David Steers: 'William Roscoe 1753-1831'
  • Annette Butler: 'A Short History of the Rathbone Family'
  • Bernard Cliffe: 'The Unitarian Family of George Holt'
  • Philip Waldron: 'Noah Jones 1801-1861'
  • Len W. Mooney: 'James Martineau 1805-1900'
  • David Steers: 'Joseph Blanco White 1775-1841'
  • Daphne Roberts: 'Kitty Wilkinson 1786-1860'
  • David Steers: 'John Johns 1801-1847'
  • Richard Merritt: 'William Henry Channing 1810-1884'
  • John Keggan: 'Charles Pierre Melly 1829-1888'
  • Richard Merritt: 'Sir Henry Tate 1819-1899'
  • Len W. Mooney: 'Sir John Brunner 1842-1919'
  • Elizabeth Alley: 'Lawrence Redfern 1888-1967'
  • Richard Merritt: 'Sir Adrian Boult 1889-1983'
  • Bernard Cliffe: 'The Visitors' Book of the Ancient Chapel'

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