The Octagon and Martineau Hall New Facilities Appeal

The Octagon Chapel wants to improve facilities for the comfort and convenience not only for the audience during concert intervals, and congregation at services, but for all users of the Octagon and Martineau Hall. The Octagon and Martineau Hall New Facilities Appeal will provide funds for replacement of the dilapidated toilet block at the rear of the Martineau Hall with a sheltered walkway to the rear door providing easy wheelchair access. The new facilities will benefit both users of the Octagon and the Martineau Hall. To achieve this, much money has to be raised.

Click here for a brochure showing the plans

If you wish to donate, cheques made payable to the Octagon Chapel, can be sent to:

The Treasurer
Octagon Chapel
Martineau Hall
21A Colegate

Burns Supper

Fund raising activites have included:

Burns Supper
Cake baking by Sarah
Eastern Union Heritage booklets
Fairs mugs
Language Classes
Named Bricks
Quilt Raffle

There are more fund raising activities including:

Saturday 13 June 2015 Summer Fair

Thank you for your support.