Sunday Club

Sunday Club

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Sunday Club takes place on the first Sunday of each month at he time of the Sunday service, and is open to primary age children.

We have a Children's Corner equipped for younger children and also activity folders available for the use of older children when Sunday Club is not running.

The young people share the first part of the service with the congregation. They help with the lighting of the chalice and sing the first hymn. After the children's story they leave the Octagon for a time of discussion and activities in the Martineau Hall.

We have a purpose designed Children's Garden to the rear of the Martineau Hall. There is a Summer House and Astro Turf lawn, and our children grow vegetables – and they taste good!!

Unitarians do not impose one set of answers on vulnerable minds. We are a nurturing community which aims to encourage our children's spiritual growth. We provide a learning environment in which young people can determine beliefs which are truly their own. Our aim is to help them develop a sense of personal and social responsibility and discover an ethical guide for living.

Our children's programme is designed to build on a child's natural sense of wonder and to channel their impulse to enquire and create. In our time together, the children learn, without prejudice, about other faith tradition as well as Unitarian principles and values, but values which serve as a vehicle to build a community of faith, foster respect and bring our Unitarian principles to life.