Forthcoming Events


Sunday June 2: Roots Hold Me Close, Wings Set Me Free. Michael Allured MBE, our Student Minister, will explore the nature of belonging, and how we make life-enhancing connections.
Children's activities in the chapel vestibule will follow a story in the service. (Pre-schoolers should be accompanied by a grown-up.)

Sunday June 9: Satyagraha: Gandhi's Struggle for Truth and Freedom is the theme of this service, led by chapel member Bert Clough.

Thursday June 13 at 7 pm: Heartache for Our Planet: What Can We Do? Our Heart and Mind discussion group meets to discuss the issue of climate change and other environmental concerns. (Hosted at Susan's in North Oxford).

Sunday June 16: Lawrence of Arabia - and God. Like today's preacher, T.E. Lawrence (archaeologist, diplomat, and writer) was a pupil at Oxford High School for Boys. Howard Oliver, a member of our congregation, will trace Lawrence's religious path from evangelical Christian Sunday School teacher and youth leader at St Aldates Church to an essentially Unitarian viewpoint after the first world war - with a particular focus on Lawrence's insights into Arab views of God.

Sunday June 23: Melda Grantham's service will honour Welsh Unitarian women and their contribution to Unitarianism, to their communities, and to society in general. Many are largely unrecognised and their names cannot be found in any history book, except when occasionally referred to as "wife of". Today we will not only celebrate the women of the past, but also hear from a contemporary family of female Welsh-language campaigners, discovering how their Unitarian values influence the women of today.

Sunday June 30: Instead of a conventional service: a relaxed singing workshop for people who think they can't sing, led by Joanna Campion, who (after an international career as an opera singer) teaches singing in local schools and colleges, and conducts inclusive choirs, including one for carers of children with special needs. Even if you think you can't sing (especially if you think you can''t sing!), come and find your voice in this one-hour session.
After the service a sandwich lunch in Iffley village at 1.30 pm will be followed by a performance of 'The Creation and Deluge: A Medieval Drama of Human Folly' in Iffley churchyard (3 pm-5 pm). Book your own ticket online for £10 + £1.07 here

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