Service Calendar

6th Linda Phillips New Year. What did it mean, and what does it mean now?
13th Graham Louden Change and decay in all around I see. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty and nihilism in society currently. Are there ways in which we can better manage to achieve a balance between change and continuity in order to restore a greater sense of collective purpose and respect into our civil and political discourse?
20th Brenda Knopf Compassion. Short service followed by congregational meeting.
27th Angelica Kennard Love Is... Being Loved.
3rd The Worship team Cafe Church.
10th Kathy Beckett A circle service on “what Unitarians believe” from an article by Rev Jim Corrigle. Discussion on what has attracted you to Unitarianism? What comprises the main thrust of your faith/belief? "which may be different from why you come! Angels, Saints et al can be included" or not, as the case maybe. All are free to voice their views, but to be accepting of others.
17h Chris Winter .
24th Angelica Kennard .
3rd Chris Winter or Sarah Alewijnse . Short service followed by congregational meeting.
10th Val Worthington .
17th Graham Louden .
24th Angelica Kennard Guest service.
31st Liz Button .

Our services are followed by refreshments in the hall. Donations for this are sent to a charity. Now being collected for Animal Free Research