We meet for worship at 10.30 a.m. For a list of upcoming services click here

After the service we gather for coffee and biscuits at in the hall at 11.30. Donations for this are sent to a charity.

We also hold an Evening Service called 'Contemplative Circle' on Tuesdays 6-6.30 pm (Music, Silence, Poetry) .

Our services are led by Unitarian Ministers, Lay Leaders & Pastors, from our own and other Unitarian congregations, and sometimes by members of our own and other Unitarian congregations, men or women.

Elements of our services can include music and singing, reading of poetry, sacred scriptures of various traditions, and other inspirational material, meditation and periods of contemplation and reflection, movement and dancing. We come together to share in fellowship, inspiration,community, spiritual nourishment and connection with an experience of the Divine and the spiritual aspect of the human experience.

We welcome people of all faith traditions and none.

A new quote for your visit.

Prayer does not change things; prayer changes people, and people change things. (Lon Ray Call)