Our Minister

Our minister is Rev. Dr. Vernon Marshall, who has been with us since November 2011 and who shares his ministry with Unity Church, Bolton, another Unitarian congregation.

Vernon has had many years of ministerial experience and this is now his sixth ministry. Before becoming a Unitarian Minister, Vernon worked for a short while in teaching, and in residential social work.

He is married to Martine, a Parisienne, and has an adult daughter, Laura.

Stand Chapel is a member congregation of the Unitarian movement that evolved out of a desire to be free from the restrictions of formal creeds and doctrines. The name "Unitarian" was chosen because of a resistence to the doctrine of the Trinity which early members found to be irrational and impossible to justify. Modern Unitarians have a much wider perspective with a vast range of religious opinion. Unitarianism is about being free to find your own place, to be comfortable with your own beliefs and encouraged continually to explore and to challenge.