Ullet Road Unitarian Church

57 Ullet Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 2AA



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The Choir
The Choir at Ullet Road exists to help lead the worship with its singing, and to continue the tradition that music has played an integral part of the life of this church for hundreds of years. The current Choir is proud to continue, maintain and develop this excellent singing tradition at Ullet Road, providing music of a very high standard to complement the liturgy.

The Services
The Choir sings on the last Sunday of each month. The Choir also sings at additional services to mark the passage of the church's and the city's year. Such services include the Advent and Christmas Carol Services, which are attended by a sizeable congregation, as well the Easter services.

The Choir forms a great team, musically and socially, and in order to preserve this, a strong sense of commitment is vital. We do realise that our singers have very busy lives outside the Choir.

The Choir takes the social aspect of its 'role' very seriously and this is present not only regarding the happy and positive environment it aims for during rehearsals: the core belief is hard work and fantastic results achieved by a truly fun and enjoyable time.

Joining the Choir
For information for prospective choristers, please contact the Director of Music, Thomas Barlow, by emailing thomasbarlow1994@hotmail.com or phoning 07857462267.

Music Department
Organist & Director of Music- Thomas J. Barlow
Tom took up the post as Director of Music in July 2015. Hear what he has to say: "I find this position, and the responsibility which comes with it, most gratifying. My studies on the organ began at 12 years of age, I joined my local church, began playing during the service, and singing in the choir. I was also briefly in the Metropolitan Cathedral Cantata Choir. I welcome any singers into the choir, as long you are committed, and most importantly, enjoy singing"

Choir Director- We are looking for an euthanistic candidate to take the post of choir director. If you are interested in becoming the choir director, please contact the director of music.

If you are interested, or require more information on these roles please contact:
Thomas J. Barlow
Email: thomasbarlow1994@hotmail.com
Phone: 07857462667

The Organ
The Ullet Road Unitarian Church organ is the second of two Liverpool William Hill organs to receive a certificate from the British Institute of Organ Studies, the other being St John`s Church of England in Tuebrook. The awarded Grade 2 certificate was for the Ullet Road "organ whilst not unaltered, nevertheless contains important historical material." The aim of the certificate, established in 1995, is to attempt to ensure the preservation and conservation of such organs. The 3 manual organ (1869) was originally built for Renshaw Street Chapel where it replaced a "very good one" installed ready for the chapel`s opening on 20th October 1811.


Pedal Organ
Harmonic Bass (32')
Open Diapason (16')
Bourdon (16')
Bass Flute (8')
Trombone (16')

Choir Organ
Hohl Flute (8')
Dulciana (8')
Viol D' Orchestre (8')
Wald Flute (4')
Clarinet (8')

Great Organ
Double Diapason (16')
Open Diapason (8')
Stopped Diapason (8')
Principal (4')
Harmonic Flute (4')
Twelfth (2 2/3')
Fifteenth (2')
Mixture (III)
Trumpet (8)

Swell Organ
Lieblich Bourdon (16')
Open Diapason (8')
Rohr Flute (8')
Vox Angelica (8')
Salicional (8')
Gemshorn (4')
Piccolo (2')
Mixture (III')
Oboe (8')
Cornopean (8')

Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell to Choir
Swell Octave
Swell Suboctave
Choir to Great
Choir to Pedal
Choir Octave
Choir Suboctave
Great to Pedal