Our place of worship

Walmsley Unitarian Chapel

"Let no person be a stranger here"

Are you interested in an open minded spirituality which encourages us to listen to the wisdom of our own hearts & souls in the spirit of freedom and compassion?

If so, then our Unitarian chapel may be what you are searching for.

Walmsley Unitarians share the values of mutual respect and care for each other with an attitude which is down to earth, humorous, warm and friendly. Here, a sense of spiritual community and belonging is valued through building connections by meeting together. People hold a variety of religious/spiritual beliefs and approaches, alongside the basic Unitarian tenet of respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all beings

Nurturing faith * Celebrating life. * Embracing difference. *

Forthcomimg Events

Sunday services are usually held at 11 am every week, please see the services page for details.

Nature Cafe open Fridays Click here for more details.
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