Unitarians welcome people from different religious and spiritual backgrounds and offer personalised wedding ceremonies. ( Please press refresh button if you have checked this page previously)

Walmsley Unitarians value a sense of spiritual community and belonging through meeting together and building positive connections. Wedding ceremonies here reflect this personal and connective ethos and are recognised as more meaningful this way. Please come along to Sunday services to find out more about the Walmsley Chapel community and Unitarian ethos. Arranging a wedding here involves a step by step process reflecting mutual commitment (Please be aware this is very different to booking a venue). For further information: Please download our Wedding Information Leaflet . Please press the one on the upper right hand side of this page. Leaflets are also available in the Chapel on Sunday mornings. Some people marry elsewhere and have a blessing ceremony in the Chapel soon afterwards, for further information please see our wedding leaflet as this is similar (without the legal aspects.).