Whitby Unitarian Chapel

Our service includes hymns, prayers and readings. The content is richly varied and, in addition to the Christian scriptures, incorporates material from many other ancient scriptures and philosophies. The use of poetry and prose for readings is a regular feature of our services.

Next Service

Sunday 18th June 2017 at 2.00pm a Flower Communion Service led by Margaret Kirk. This follows in the tradition of the Czech Unitarian minister Norbert Fabian Capek who died in Dachau in 1942
Some Recent Services
Sunday 21st May 2017 at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk - Fragments of Wisdom - a service based on uplifting moments at this year`s General Assembly Meetings
Sunday 19th March 2017 at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk. Reflections on India - architecture and religion.
Sunday 19th February 2017 at 2.00pm led by Liz Hill. Joseph Priestley - scientist, revolutionary and Unitarian Minister
Sunday 20th November 2016 at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk - Continuing the theme of Remembrance: `Poppies, white, red and mauve.

Sunday 21st August at 2.00pm led by Liz Hill who will be talking about Julia Ward Howe the American poet and abolitionist.

Sunday 15th May at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk: `God in Nature` - celebrating the vision and the writings of the 12th Century mystic Hildegard of Bingen.

January 17th at 2.00pm - `Connections that Matter`. Service led by Margaret Kirk

December 20th at 2.00pm Carol Service led by Margaret Kirk

Sunday 15th November ` Remembrance Day Re-visited` led by Margaret Kirk

Sunday 18th October led by Margaret Kirk: `Gathering the Gleaning` - Gleaning is what is left behind after the Harvest. In the Old Testament it was forbidden for Jewish farmers to collect what was left behind. Instead it must be left for ` the alien, the orphan and the widow.` (Deuteronomy)

In the modern world gleaned food might include what is collected from supermarkets at the end of the day that would otherwise go to waste as well as the surplus of vegetables and fruit that a farmer cannot sell because its shape and size is not cosmetically pleasing for retailers.

Sunday 20th September at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk - `There`s no Place like Home`

Sunday 16th August at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk - Celebrating Meadows

Sunday 19th July at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk - "We shall not cease from exploration" (T.S. Eliot from Little Gidding)
This service will be filmed by a film crew from Unitarian UK TV. it will be edited before being made available for viewing on the UK Unitarian TV website.We will be joined by members of Stockton and Scarborough congregations.

Sunday 21st June Flower Communion Service at 2.00pm led by Margaret Kirk

Sunday 17th May 2015 at 2.00pm. Service led by Margaret Kirk:`Stakes, Tendrils and Tentacles` 200 Years of Unitarian Witness in Yorkshire. Celebrating the Yorkshire Unitarian Bicentenary 1815-2015. The title of this service has been inspired by a meditation written by Kate Taylor who died earlier this month and who worked tirelessly for the Unitarian movement at both national and district levels. Her presence and her energy and her devotion will be greatly missed by those of us who knew her and especially by members of Westgate Wakefield Chapel.

Two Hundred Years of Unitarian Tendrils in Yorkshire
Rooted in good earth, the idea grew firm.
Flowering, it sent seeds on earnest wings of hope.

There were ready gardens.
Other seeds found new ground,
grew, flourished and sometimes died.

We celebrate two hundred years of tendrils,
supporting growth, binding communities,
sustaining loss and nourishing new shoots.

Roots need the reviving rain of attentiveness
and the sun of enthusiasm, and love.
Wings carry the promise of a free and inquiring faith,
They need the breath of dedication.
Tendrils, keeping unique congregations together as one,
need the strong stakes of commitment and care.

May the roots continue to support
and the wings sustain a comradeship
and bring seeds of inspiration.

Kate Taylor
from Roots and Wings - A brief history of the Yorkshire Unitarian Union and original work by Unitarians now in Yorkshire edited by David Dawson