Whitby Unitarian Chapel

Our service includes hymns, prayers and readings. The content is richly varied and, in addition to the Christian scriptures, incorporates material from many other ancient scriptures and philosophies. The use of poetry and prose for readings is a regular feature of our services.

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The Crab Apple Tree
Sunday 17th February 2019. The service at 2.00 pm will be led by Margaret Kirk. This service was first given at Stockton Unitarian Church on 10th February 2019. It has been inspired by a short story by Maria McCann which weaves into its narrative the idea of making something good out of something sour and unpromising. The Latin name for apple trees in all their varieties is Malus from which we also get the words malice, malware, malicious. The story ends with the image of a young woman filling her pockets with the small sour crab apples and taking them home to make crab apple jelly. It concludes with these words: `she stirred and skimmed...working a universal magic: the ancient art of bringing forth sweet out of sour, of reclaiming and redeeming, making good out of malus.`