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We hold monthly "Discovery Group" meetings. Open for all those interested - not just Unitarians - these sessions offer an opportunity to explore ethical, spiritual and social issues in an informal way.

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Wirral and Southport Unitarians in The Athenaeum's Library in Liverpool. The Athenaeum was founded by 'the father of Liverpool Culture' William Roscoe. The day began at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, a wonderful lunch in the Athenaeum dinning room, then a little exploration of the library.(click image to enlarge)

Rev. Bob talks about his time on a Greek Island helping migrants

Our first Discovery Group was led by Rev. Bob Janis Dillon, he passionately expressed his experiences on the Greek Island, Samos, were migrants from Syria the Mediterranean Sea to reach for safety and peace. Their homeland is a war torn Country and it is far more secure to cross treacherous sea in a crowded boat than to stay home. Rev. Bob explained the difficulties the migrants have to go through during the stay in Samos, but what was heart-warming, were the support and compassion the Greek people showed the migrants. It was also heart moving knowing that the Merseyside District are involved, mainly through all the hard work from Zubia Hawcroft from Warrington Cairo Street Chapel where Rev. Bob ministers.. Zubia is involved with the organisation Lifeline Help, for more information please visit /www.lifelinehelp.org/contact-life-line-help/.

Thank you Rev. Bob for our first Discovery Group, inspirational talk!

Migrant family finding safety in Greece Zubia holding those in crisis
Rev Bob Janis-Dillon
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