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Every year the Women’s League has a project for a charity or a Unitarian cause.

In recent years the League has collected for:

2011 The Annie Margaret Barr Childrens Village £8,500
2012 Combat Stress £8,000
2013 Send a Child to Hucklow (SACH) £14,000
2014 Lymphodema £7,800
2015 Alzheimers Society (Singing for the Brain) £9,100
2016 Unitarian College, Manchester £6,000
2017 National Deaf Childrens Society £9,000
2018 Prostate Cancer UK £9,400
  In the past 41 years the League has raised. £247,192

The 2018/2019 Project is the UK Sepsis Trust. The closing date for donations is 17th March 2019.

Please make cheques payable to: Women’s League Project Account

Eunice Smith - Project Secretary
For contact details please see the back of the League Letter.

N.B. Cheques incorrectly made out will no longer be accepted by our building society!
Due to the high cost of postage receipts will only be posted if a s.a.e is enclosed.


E-mail Contact:             Tel: 01454 412993

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