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The Women's League is a major fundraiser for charitable projects both
within and outside the Unitarian Church. In the last 37 years since 1976, Women's League members have raised £195,791 for various projects. Details of those funds raised in the last 12 years are shown below:

The 2016/17 Project is: The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)

Please make cheques payable to - 'Women’s League Project Account’ and send to the Project Secretary Eunice Smith, whose address is in the League Letter.



In many countries a modest amount of money can go a long way. Indian Unitarians in Assam have done remarkable things with the 1999 donation to the Kharang Rural Centre.

(Photographs of the Kong Barr Memorial Hospital by kind permission of John Hewerdine)


Grants to Women Ministerial Students and Women Lay Pastor Students

The Women's League, in 2003, set up a fund to give grants to Women Ministerial Students and in 2005 to Women Lay Pastor Students also.

In February each year applications for grants are considered, which are paid in October.
New entrants, and those already in training can be considered.

Further details available from the National Secretary - Susan Wildman,


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