When death occurs, every person deserves an act of celebration and tribute for their life. We believe that a service of thanksgiving and appreciation for someone's life is important. That tribute can take many forms. Many people will choose a service with a strong Christian emphasis but others will prefer a more Humanistic approach. Unitarian celebrants can provide services which meet the request of the deceased or their family.

Unitarians do not dictate the form or the content of the service but are willing to discuss and meet the request of the family and include readings (Biblical or non Biblical), music, prayers, meditations or hymns which are most meaningful to them at the time. What is most helpful for the family of the deceased is important. Family members or friends may also choose to give their tribute at the service.

It is possible to hold a funeral service at Highland Place Church and funeral directors are aware of the location of the church. Family may prefer to hold a service at the home or at a Chapel of Rest, followed by a service at a Crematorium or at a Cemetery. Almost all funeral requests will be made through the funeral director of your choice but it is possible to make enquiries directly to the church officers.