Church Officers

We are especially fortunate in having our retired Minister, the Rev. Eric Jones, still living within our community. He retains Pastoral Oversight for the Church and remains a central figure at Highland Place. The Rev. Jones is a source of considerable knowledge and experience, and his continued contribution to Highland Place is incalculable. We would be at a great loss without him.

Chairperson of the Congregation
Humphrey Evans

Anne Jones
14, Clifton Street
CF44 7PB
Tel: 01685 873440

Minute Secretrary
Alun Watts

Merrilee Jones

Secretary, (Financial)
Joan Harlow

Deputy Chairperson
Mark Jones


Joy Foster - Children's Group & Meditation Group Co-ordinator
Tony Foster - Building Group
Joan Harlow - Safeguarding
Barbara Hughes - Member Welfare
Rev. J. Eric Jones - Support Groups Co-ordinator
Alun Watts - Finance Group
Anne Watts - Worship Group