Dany Crosby

From The Minister

Ministers Message for July and August 2019

I recently found myself thinking about the free religious tradition I am a part of and also my feelings of faith etc, how I identify my own beliefs. For I know that we who congregate together do not all believe and disbelieve the same. Now within our free religious tradition each congregation is linked through a wider denomination named as The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. There is no ruling body and no one has authority over anyone else. Each congregation is self-governing and each member of the congregation is free to believe as their conscience dictates. We are closely connected to other similar denominations throughout the world. In America this is named the Unitarian Universalist denomination which is essentially two denominations that came together early during 1960. They each have their own history. I have over the years read much by many Unitarians and Universalists and have found that actually I seem to connect, spiritually at least, more with those who identify as being Universalist more than Unitarian. So much so that a few years ago I declared myself as a Universalist. A Unitarian friend asked me "What kind of Universalist?". I paused to think for a moment and then answered, "I am a Universalist, Universalist". They asked me to explain more so I explained that I was a Universalist in the "old sense". I did not believe in hell and damnation. That the God of my limited understanding would never condemn anyone to an eternity in Hell; nor that some are saved and others are unsaved. I believe that God has an intimate love for all, that if there is a hell, it is a state of being that can be experienced within life. I talked about the Prodigal Son parable and of my belief that this love is always there waiting for us. I also said I was a universalist in a more modern understanding in that I see truth in so many other traditions. That none can reveal the whole truth, that they are windows that let some of the light through. I talked of my belief in the interconnectedness of all life and that all that happens and does not happen matters. That divinity is present within everything, a kind of Universal Love I suppose.

I remember a few years ago hearing a joke about the difference between the nineteenth century Unitarians and Universalists. It is said that the Unitarians believed that humanity was too good to be rejected by God where as the Universalists believed that God was too good to ever reject humanity.

I am a Universalist. In fact I am a Universalist, Universalist, Universalist!

Love and respect
Rev Danny