Dany Crosby

Message From The Minister

Calendar December 2019

We are about to enter the season of Advent. Fast approaches the moment of magic. We are all visited by many guests during Advent. Many joys and many depressions. I know that all the spirits of Christmas will be alive and well in me throughout this coming Advent Seasons. I remember I felt them intensely last year. I can at times get a little too caught up in the work at times and thus become blocked off from the spirit. This happened last year, thankfully not for long. It all turned around one Monday a couple of weeks before Christmas when Sue and myself went to Home Cinema in Manchester to see big screen viewing of Its a Wonderful Life.

Well the film worked its magic. It got into those places that it needed to get deep into. It was beautiful to sit there with so many other people, the rest complete strangers and allow the magic to get deep into the core of my being. It opened me up, got deep into my soul as I relived so many feelings that I have felt over the year and so many other times throughout my life. I was visited by all the spirits of this beautiful season, as I re-experienced many emotions. As we left I felt that once again something had changed deep within me.

My heart had been a guesthouse and I had welcomed them all and as a result something in me had changed. This truly is a wonderful life, but it is not one without pain and at times suffering. Something we all experience even at this time of joy and love. Do not be afraid to let them all in. Remember we are all in this boat together and everyone of us will be experiencing these many emotions, unless something deeply human has died within us.

We need to make room for it all and to welcome it in. I reckon that this is what the Christmas stories, whether they be ancient or modern, are about. There is something powerful and transformative in the mythos of all of them that help bring the spirit of the season alive, just when we need it the most. Well, Its a Wonderful Life did it for me again last year, as I laughed and connected and spent the last half hour with tears rolling down my face as I remembered so many people who have touched my life, and experiences that have affected me deeply, all thoseĀ  complex emotions I have felt throughout my life and once again that year, as I felt the true religion, that gets lost in the tinsel, the lights and the ever heavier traffic so often at this time of year. It opened me up once again and allowed me to let it all in. As a result I can now hopefully give it all out once again.

I wish for you to visited by all the spirits of Christmas this Advent. Let wish one another Glad tidings of comfort and joy.

Love and respect
Rev Danny