Dany Crosby

Message From The Minister

Calendar October 2019

Where has the summer gone? Where has the year gone? This time of year, can bring a feeling of melancholy for what has passed and will not return. Yes, summer has gone, but with its passing comes the beauty of autumn. There are new energies at work at this time of year. Yes, the green of summer and spring is dying and the leaves are falling, but seeds of new life are also being born, each carrying with them the promise of new birth, new hope.

Autumn offers so much potential, as every season does, but there is something unique about the Autumn.

There is a special beauty about the Autumn; it is a beauty found in its deepness. There is a special depth in the Autumn. Yes, spring maybe full of newness, springing to life, an exciting time, a flighty time, a time when we have our heads in the clouds perhaps, blown by the wind; then summer with its long days are perhaps the days of joy of running free, perhaps for swimming in the waters of life followed by winter with Christmas and New year at its heart, a time of sitting by the hearth and being warmed by fire. But Autumn is different, it has a depth, a deep, deep beauty. It is about getting deep down into our roots, into the soil, it is a time for earthing our selves, for going deep down within, to reflect in the ground as summer ends and winter comes. Of all the seasons Autumn to me is the deepest season. There is a depth in Autumns beauty.

I love Autumn, glorious Autumn, beautiful Autumn, best of the year. Everything just seems that bit more precious at this time of year. Maybe the reason for this is because this is the time when things come to an end, or begin to come to an end. Maybe everything is that bit more beautiful at this time of year, because everything is dying. Or at least it seems that way. It is an awareness, a real sense of this in my blood and in my soul, right down in the marrow of my soul, that helps me fall in love with life in a much deeper way. I feel a sense of love for every leaf as it falls. For every leaf is a letter from God. Every leaf teaches us something about life. We are leaves ourselves. Everyone precious; everyone unique; everyone will one day fall.

Love and respect
Rev Danny