(Shown above - The old Broadway Chapel)
Bradford Unitarians was formed from two congregations.
Broadway Avenue Unitarian Church was founded in 1906 in a 'temporary' building. After exactly one hundred years in the same 'temporary' structure the congregation sold the building and became part of Bradford Unitarians.
The other Unitarian congregation in Bradford was founded in 1672 at Horton Hall, moving in 1689 to Wibsey Fold - the chapel still survives as a cottage.
The congregation moved again in 1719 to Toad Lane, later called Chapel Lane, where a large Gothic building was erected in 1869. This was demolished in 1969 to make way for city centre development.
A new building - the present home for BRADFORD UNITARIANS - was built at Russell Street, a quiet area close to the city centre and University.
(Shown below - The new home of Bradford Unitarians)

Russell St