We believe that our spiritual experience takes place throughout our lives, not just at services.

However our services are an important opportunity to share and to support each other.

But it is not just about ourselves. A positive part of our spiritual journey is to help others and the wider community so we are becoming active in social justice. We welcome the homeless to our services and chapel activities and wish to develop more similar programmes as resources allow.

Our active programme of personal development goes beyond services and is designed to support mind, body and soul - e.g. Meditation sessions, Soul Choir and Full Moon Fire Ceremonies amongst other things.

Many of our Sunday services are conducted by our congregation and consist of music, hymn-singing (old and new), readings from any faith, prayer and/or meditation.

We also enjoy a wide variety of perspectives from visiting service leaders who range from Licensed Unitarian Lay Pastors, through Atheists to Buddhists, Catholics, Spiritualists and Pagans, but furthermore from time to time we also invite local practitioners, therapists and professionals aligned to the mission of curing of Mind Body and Soul to help lead the services.

We believe that each and every one of us has an important role to play in our community life and in nurturing the whole of creation and we value services led by members of the congregation and active participation by all.

All visitors and enquirers are made most welcome and are invited to join us for coffee and a chat after the service or other chapel activity.

12th August 2011 PJC