Other Cardiff Unitarian Activities

Spiritual/Religious Development

As Unitarians we hold individual responsibility for developing our own beliefs, values and spirituality. Our National Unitarian body, the General Assembly produce an exciting range of resources which can be used in discussion groups to help us develop our spiritual and religious ideas.

Cardiff Unitarians/Undodiaid Caerdydd have made use of resources such as:

- Building Your Own Theology

- Spirituality in Everyday Life

These courses are open to and have been attended by members of other faith groups. Members of Cardiff Unitarians/Undodiaid Caerdydd have also been able to take part in national opportunities for spiritual development including Unitarian Summer School and a pilgrimage/retreat to Inishmore in the Aran islands

Involvement in the Local Community

As Unitarians we feel that we have an active role to play in the community outside our worship sessions. This is reflected in the way as individuals we lead our lives and how as an organisation we subscribe to values of justice and fairness for all. An example of this is that Cardiff Unitarians/Undodiaid Caerdydd is a corporate member of the United Nations Association, Cardiff and District. Two members of our congregation play an active role on the Executive Committee of UNA Cardiff and District.

Social Activities

We aim to be a warm and welcoming group. As a community we support each other in friendship and at times enjoy meals together or other social or fundraising activities. Cardiff members join in District Women's League activities such as fundraising and social events and support the National Women's League annual charity project. There is also a Unitarian Men's group in the district which meets regularly for social and educational activities.

Please see the Cardiff Calendar or contact the secretary for further information on Social events.