Undodiaid Caerdydd/
Cardiff Unitarians

Croeso! Welcome! Cardiff Unitarians are a progressive, liberal church community. We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We meet at 4pm every Sunday at the Friends Meeting House, Charles Street, Cardiff city centre. Cardiff Unitarians are a small liberal bilingual congregation in the centre of Cardiff. We are rooted in a radical Christian tradition that sees love and justice as more important than beliefs and doctrines. We believe in having an open mind and finding truth in science, poetry, philosophy as well as the great religions of the world. We affirm the sacred worth and dignity of all people.    Services, every Sunday at 4pm, are conducted by our minister and a variety of preachers and sermons may be on a variety of different topics. But all affirming the Unitarian principles of oneness, love, freedom, and curiosity. The second Sunday of the month the service is in Welsh.   As Unitarians we feel that we have an active role to play in the community outside our services. This is reflected in the way as individuals we lead our lives and how as an organisation we subscribe to values of justice and fairness for all. An example of this is that Cardiff Unitarians/Undodiaid Caerdydd is a corporate member of the United Nations Association, Cardiff and District. Two members of our congregation play an active role on the Executive Committee of Cardiff and District.