A Service

Our services of worship can be viewed as a celebration of our deepest values. We see our religious beliefs as relevant to all aspects of life including the wider community.With our roots in Christianity, we value insights to be gained from across all religions and criticise none. Each one of us is on our own personal religious or spiritual journey which we enrich through meeting, learning and worshipping together.
We hold our services normally on the 2nd Sunday in each month at 3pm and the service is conducted by local Ministers and lay preachers. Services can vary in their format and are linked to the congregation for example a child naming service will be more appropriate to the needs of a younger audience. However, all services will include readings, hymn singing, prayers, a sermon and personal meditation. All visitors are made most welcome and are invited to join us for refreshments after the service.

List of Services in 2019
All start at 3pm
13th January
10th February
10th March
14th April
12th May
9th June
14th July Anniversary service
11th August
8th Sept.
13th Oct. Harvest Festival
10th Nov. Remembrance Service
tbc Dec. Carol Service