Chorley Unitarian Chapel
{nurturing faith, embracing life, celebrating difference

Our place of worship

The aim of the Unitarian Church is to promote: a free and inquiring religion through the worship of God and the celebration of life; the service of humanity and respect for all creation; the upholding of a wide range of liberal religious views from all world religions, in a spirit of peace and collaboration.

We aim:

  • to encourage and unite in fellowship bodies which uphold the religious liberty of their members, unconstrained by the imposition of creeds;

  • to affirm the liberal religious heritage;

  • to learn from the cultural and intellectual insights of all.

Lancashire Collaborative Ministry Statement on Racism

As people of faith and representatives of the Lancashire Collaborative Ministry, we believe every human being is sacred and of equal value. However, we acknowledge the sin of racism that has infected our society like a disease for many generations. We also acknowledge that while people of faith have contributed to the historical fight against slavery, many were complicit in this sinful activity and maintained a guarded attitude. Especially heinous have been the erroneous arguments that used religion to perpetuate racist views.

The LCM pledges to work towards changing hearts and minds that in turn leads to practical action for positive change. We support the Black Lives Matter movement as one which was born out of the African American experience and pledge to learn from that narrative. We want to affirm the cries for equality and to add our voices to theirs. We pray that we are able walk and march side by side breaking down barriers and do our part to bring about structural change in our economic, health, educational and political spheres.

7 July 2020