The Unitarian & Free Christian Bible Discussion Group

The Unitarian & Free Christian Bible Discussion Group meets each week on Zoom, and during the week there is Bible related chat within our Facebook Group which can be found here: You can also find details of each upcoming discussion, and how you can join, at

The group is drawn from all parts of the Unitarian & Free Christian family. You don't have to be a Christian or an expert to join the group, if your beliefs and values are welcome at a Unitarian or Free Christian church then you're very welcome to join us.

As well as weekly discussions hold Bible Talks to go with significant dates in the Christian Calendar. Our first ever Bible Talk was for Lent, and was delivered by Bob was 'Beyond Booze & Chocolate!'

Lent Bible Talk Closing Remarks
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Our Holy Week Bible Talk is on 30th March 2021 and the speaker is Stephen Lingwood. His title is 'Prophecy & Protest'.

Maria Pap will be giving a Bible Talk on Ascension Day, May 13th at 8pm.

Our Pentecost Bible Talk will be by Sheena Gabriel and it will be on Friday May 21st at 7.30pm.

For further details, including Zoom links, please visit