Gems for the Journey by Sue Woolley (Unitarian Christian Association 2016).

One Unitarian Pilgrim's Progress - "All my life I have loved books and reading. A few special books have influenced the way I think, love, and exist in the world. This book shares a few of them, and why they have had such a profound effect on me."

Our Christian Faith by members of the Unitarian Christian Association Larkpress 2015.

All of the twenty eight contributors are members of the Unitarian Christian Association. They write about their personal responses to the impact of Christianity in their lives and spiritual development.These contributions give us an insight into what it means for them to be Liberal Christians as part of the Unitarian Church today. The Man They Called The Christ by David Doel (UCA, 2009).

A brilliant collection of essays in which David Doel brings together a lifetime's experience as Unitarian minister and as psychotherapist. The chapter titles are intriguing in themselves, including: The Saviour, Parables as Shock Tactics, Blessings of the Poor, the Abba Experience, Resurrection, the Trinity, and Herod and the Christ Child.

Daybreak and Eventide: A Book of Prayers and Worship
By Andrew J. Brown & John C. Morgan

This Book is a fruit of the Unitarian Christian Tradition, which cherishes freedom of belief and openness to other insights, while remaining deeply rooted in the core Christian tradition. It draws on the range of Pietist and Mystical traditions of the Radical Reformation from which Unitarian Christian churches in the UK and USA sprang. These are woven together with more recent thinking, notably the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, to offer a framework for daily private and collective prayer.

This book offers a range of resources to help people to draw closer to God, whether they profess to be disciples of Jesus, or as in days of old, prefer to be on the fringe of the crowd, listening to his words and observing his behaviour.

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