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In Memoriam: The Duke of Edinburgh

The Unitarian Christian Association extends its deepest sympathy to the Queen and the Royal Family on the loss of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who faithfully supported her in her role as Head of State for more than 70 years, as her consort. As a faith organisation, we remember his work for environmental concerns when this was far from fashionable, and his role in the 1980s in encouraging the world faiths and environmental organisations to work together to promote conservation and sustainability.

May he rest in peace.

Daybreak and Eventide

The officers of the Unitarian Christian Association have decided to publish Daybreak and Eventide on the website. This will enable our members and followers to have access to daily devotions and prayers to help them through these very difficult times.

Please click on the image below for the link to the pdf of Daybreak and Eventide.