During the pandemic, many of us have become accustomed to online services. The UCA would like to share some services sent to us by the Rev Alex Bradley, recently retired as a long serving officer of the UCA. Alex is Minister at Brook Street Chapel,Knutsford and 'Tutor in Ministerial Training' at Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

21 Feb 21 ‘Coping with temptation’ https://youtu.be/Y1zkQnG4GNo
10 Jan 21 ‘The hare and the tortoise: settling in for the long run’ https://youtu.be/3QdFRCE_kOU
16 Aug 20 ‘Joining a spiritual community’ https://youtu.be/VyqTwHgZ85A
3 May 20 Some reflections on caring for Creation, inspired in part by a poem by R S Thomas. https://youtu.be/zuexNZMmweI