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Understanding Tags and & codes

Web pages uses tags and & codes to layout text. Tags also start with a < and end with a > If you are want to layout your information is a special way, you will need to understand a few simple tags. If you don't add tags then all your text will appear as one paragraph even if you add line spaces.

Tag Name
<br /> or <br>

Stands for break and will means the next piece of text will be on a new line.


Stands for bold. It switches on bold text, so all text after this tag appears in a bolder print.


Switches bold off, so all text after this tag appears as normal text again.

So writing: The <b>cat</b> sat on the <b>mat</b>
would look like: The cat sat on the mat.

<hr /> or <hr>

Stands for horizontal rule and will create a line right across the page.


This code creates an extra space. These are necessary because only one space is shown between each word regardless of the number of spaces in the text.
For example writing: The       cat sat on the       mat
will look like this: The cat sat on the mat
on the web page unless &nbsp; codes are written in.