Sunday School

Jean & Alyson

We have a Sunday School who meet in chapel at 11am every Sunday and are led by our Sunday School teacher and an assistant. Currently we have approximatly 5 children of ages 3-14. Our Sunday School are always excited about meeting new children and would love for others to join us.

The Sunday School children are kept busy and creative, whether it be working towards the Chalice Awards, Arts and Crafts or taking part in our Family Services, which are every second Sunday of the month . All family services are followed by light refreshments and a chance to socialise.

We also have facilities in Chapel for children under 3 years of age who wish to stay with their parents. We have a play area with play mat and pre-school toys to keep them occupied. The sound of children's laughter is always most welcome in our chapel.

Thoughts on New Chapel by a Sunday School Member:-
"I love going to church on Sunday with my Nanna, also I go to the choir.
At New Chapel our congregation is like one huge family, where everyone cares for each other and likes and accepts everyone for who they are
and that is what makes our church special.
When you are in the choir you get to perform for everyone also in the arts and crafts.
Thats another thing, each year in May we enter the arts and crafts which is really fun although it soon tires you out getting all those certificates!
The one thing I like mostly is Sunday School, we do different activities which sometimes relates to the stuff in the service.
Each week someone different comes to do the service. Each service is different and unique but the best bit is the childrens story.
At the beginning of each service we light the chalice which is the symbol for Unitarians and we let it burn throughout the service.
However church isn't just about playing, church is where you pray to God and thank him for everything or maybe pray for someone who is poorly.
Once a month there is a coffee morning where we raise money for church. After the service, most of the time, there are drinks and biscuits.
Each year if you go to Sunday School every week, you are given a book token, this year I got one which I bought a book for my kindle!"

Jodie Oatway Age 10