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Unitarian Experience Week

Experience 2017

Unitarian Discovery Holiday 2017

Every July for the past few years, Unitarian Discovery Holiday takes place at the Nightingale Centre in Great Hucklow: this event tends to attract about twenty people from all parts of the country, mostly regulars, although there are usually some newcomers, for a week of fellowship and fun.

Last year’s theme was The Butterfly Effect: Small Beginnings, Large Consequences. We were welcomed to the Centre with tea and cake, and on the first evening there was a welcoming event which included a quiz. One round involved identifying butterflies from cryptic clues (e.g. Is he tall enough to be a policeman? A small copper).

The first theme talk was The Butterfly Effect, led by Andy Allison. He is a science teacher, and he explained the theory in an entertaining manner, with practical experiments, some involving balloons. The second theme talk was by Rev. Michael Dadson; he invited us to think about “personal butterflies”, people we have known in the past who have had a lasting effect on our lives (teachers were mentioned quite a lot here).

The walk around Monsal Dale was billed as being “with butterflies”, and they didn’t disappoint – several species were in evidence. Other activities included a craft workshop led by Camilla Williams, at which butterfly-masks were made, and Sharing Music, an eclectic mix which included Tchaikovsky, Elizabeth Hornby, George Michael, and Flanders & Swann. Each day began and ended with Spiritual Reflections, led by the participants.

This year’s Unitarian Discovery Holiday will take place at Great Hucklow between 16-20 July. The theme will be Mountains and Molehills: All Things Great and Small. Why not join us? You won’t regret it!

Steven Williams.

(More details about Unitarian Discovery Holiday are available from www.ukunitarians.org.uk/discovery/ and from www.facebook.com/unitariandiscoveryholiday/ ).


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