Special Occasions

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Unitarians can offer services to celebrate birth and naming, marriage and partnership, or to bid farewell to a loved one. Please feel free to approach the Church to discuss your needs.

Unitarians are not bound by religious rules and customs so such services are arranged, as far as possible, to meet the needs and to express the beliefs of those most closely involved.

Weddings and Blessings

Many couples are relieved to find that we do not stand in judgement; we are delighted to marry any loving, committed couple no matter if you are divorced, how often you attend church, or if you are from differing faiths. We simply ask that you get to know us a little bit before deciding if we're right for you.

Our church is especially useful for weddings, as we have a large function room tucked away on the upper floor which can be used for a reception (see further information below).

Unitarians are also happy to conduct weddings or blessings for gay or lesbian couples. Although we are not currently licensed for same sex marriages we are happy to conduct blessings, or our Minister can conduct the ceremony on other premises or refer you to a nearby Unitarian church which has the necessary license for Civil Partnerships.

Namings and Welcomings

Together, we can devise a ceremony to suit the individual needs and wishes of the parents and family of the child. Parents are welcome to help in planning it.

The ceremony may be called a Naming Service or a Welcoming although other names may be used such as a Dedication, Blessing, Thanksgiving or Baptism. Whichever name is chosen, what is important for Unitarians is the commitment by the community as well as the parents - to offer the child love and support.

Funeral and Memorial Services

When death occurs, every person deserves an act of celebration and tribute for their life. We believe that a service of thanksgiving and appreciation for someone's life is important. That tribute can take many forms. Some people will choose a service with a strong Christian emphasis but others will prefer a more Humanistic approach. Unitarian celebrants can provide services which meet the request of the deceased or their family.

Unitarians do not dictate the form or the content of the service but are willing to discuss and meet the request of the family and include readings (Biblical or non Biblical), music, prayers, meditations or hymns which are most meaningful to them at the time. What is most helpful for the family of the deceased is important. Family members or friends may also choose to give their tribute at the service.

Function Room Hire

Doncaster Unitarian and Free Christian Church is lucky enough to have a large function room on the upper floor. It has a kitchen for self-catering, a piano, and a small stage which is perfect for a DJ.

The hall holds around 150 people and can be set out in different ways according to your needs. Whether you are looking for a venue for a party, corporate business meeting, or musical event such as a gig or recital, please feel free to approach us and discuss your requirements.

Further information

If you would like further information about the Unitarian approach to marking these events, please see the appropriate brochure or contact Reverend Tom McCready on the church number (01302 340 872).

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