Inside Our Church

The Unitarian & Free Christian Church in Dover has been Unitarian since 1828. Freedom of belief and the form of worship was unanimously agreed by the membership in 1916 and this liberal tradition is upheld today.

We meet as a group of friends seeking truth, freedom and tolerance in rational worship and fellowship on the first and third Sunday of every month at 3pm. Worship includes a variety of forms: traditional " hymn sandwich " , prayer and meditation; music and poetry; appreciation of art and slide shows; request and D.I.Y services. Our Minister, Rev. Daniel Costley, leads worship on the third Sunday of the month. Other Services are led by visiting preachers or congregation members.

We unite in religious liberty, free from constraints or the necessity to believe unbelievable things. We seek wisdom and knowledge in the spiritual, cultural and intellectual insights of all humankind. Marriages and blessings, dedications and naming of children, memorials and celebrations of lives can be arranged.