The Building


David Bryce, Scotland's famous Victorian architect who is best known for building Fettes College and the building which was formerly the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, designed St Mark's Church which opened in 1835. The building, which is B Listed, is situated within the Edinburgh World Heritage Site (EWHS) and has been described as acoustically excellent, slender and light and unpretentious.

The church forms part of a Victorian terrace facing the west side of Edinburgh Castle and is therefore prominent within the cityscape of Edinburgh. Since the rear elevation of the building is hidden, Bryce was able to concentrate on the architectural detail in the street elevation. This is a three bay two-storey elevation with spectacular Jacobean Baroque decoration surmounted by a balustrade flanking a broken pediment. His vision recognised how Baroque composition and mannered detail could enliven a flat frontage.

The interior is a large single room with a horseshoe gallery and vaulted ceiling. Being acoustically superb the building has over the years become a significant venue for the performing arts throughout the year but more specifically during the Edinburgh International Festival when the city becomes the focus of world cultural activity.