"St Mark's has probably the best acoustic of any small concert venue in Edinburgh. The sound is warm, lively, clear and immediate. The atmosphere is intimate and appealing for both performers and audience."
Peter Evans, pianist and conductor, former member of Scottish Arts Council

"St Mark's is a wonderful, intimate chamber music venue with outstanding acoustics. Its location in central Edinburgh close to the major large scale theatres and concert hall adds to its appeal. Hebrides Ensemble has enjoyed rehearsing, performing and promoting concerts at St Mark's and looks forward to continuing to do so."
Matthew Stoddart-Kennedy, Hebrides Ensemble

"The venue - St Mark's Unitarian Church on Castle Terrace - was totally compatible with the intimacy of the occasion. The appreciative audience thrilled to the warm ambience of the building."
Kenneth Walton, Music Reviewer, The Scotsman

"Interfaith in Edinburgh would be poorer if it wasn't for the support and house space which St Mark's gave it in the early years. It has played a pioneering role in the growth of interfaith activity in Edinburgh, it is to it's credit that less rather than more such activity occurs there now."
Emeritus Professor Frank Whaling, President, Edinburgh Interfaith Association