Our Programme of Worship

Upcoming Services
Services start at 11a.m. unless otherwise stated

 Maud Robinson

Unitarians in Edinburgh return to the etymology of the word Worship for our understanding of it.

The word worship derives from the Old English weorthscipe. In Old English weorth signified 'excellence of character or quality' and 'usefulness or importance'; -ship is a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, skill, etc. (e.g. friendship).

Consequently, we understand our Services of Worship to be acts of holding up 'that which is of worth' for examination, celebration and thanksgiving.

All services will be conducted by our minister Rev Maud Robinson unless otherwise stated.

Sunday 29th May
Breaking Bread Together

Christians celebrate Corpus Christi on 26th May when they share consecrated bread and wine to stand for the body and blood of Christ; but breaking bread together as a spiritual action is far old that Christianity.

Sunday 5th June
Not In My Name

As our Muslim neighbours prepare for the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan, it is good for us to reflect on the negative perceptions of Islam which have taken hold due to the actions of some who claim to represent Islam.

Sunday 12th June
The Cosmic Calendar

In order to go through life, do we need to fool ourselves into thinking we're a bigger part of the universe than we really are? Does the vastness of time and space make human life seem more insignificant, or more precious?

Sunday 19th June
Flower Communion

Service led by Jill Woolman & Tom Stamper

We join together for our annual celebration of Flower Communion, reflecting on what we give and receive within our Beloved Community. Each attender is invited to bring one, or a few, flowers (garden or wild flowers, if you can).

Sunday 26th June
What has the GA Done for Us?

Service led by Joan Cook

An overview of the General Assembly. What has it done for us? What has it done for me?

Sunday 3rd July
Let's Settle this God Thing Once and for All

An ambitious proposal from writer, Anne Lamott - let's give it a try and see how we get on!

Sunday 10th July
We Are What We Repeatedly Do...

... Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle