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Angela's List of Worship Resources

This list was compiled by Angela Maher of Unitarian New Meeting Church, Birmingham.

Lord's prayer

John and Martha Tippler, members of Boston Chapel, wrote this version of the Lord's prayer in response to a conference called "A New Christianity for a New World".
[Their prayer and a report on the conference]


Some typical Unitarian sermons delivered in Hinckley.

Derek's beliefs

The Rev. Derek Smith is a retired minister living in Mansfield and a former denominational president who still frequently conducts worship and officiates at rites of passage. During one service he formulated his beliefs and a member of the congregation asked him to commit them to paper. [Read about Derek's Beliefs]

Prayer before a meeting

The Rev. Jeffrey Bowes used this prayer before a meeting of the East Midland Unitarians Working Group.

Acorns Hospice

Peter Wildblood, another member of Hinckley Great Meeting and retired headmaster of a special needs school writes about how he came to help start the Acorns Hospice for terminally ill children.