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The copyright of service themes posted in this archive will normally lie with the individual contributor. However, unless otherwise indicated in a particular service theme, anyone wishing to use all or part of a theme is encouraged to do so providing that credit is given to the author. It would also be helpful if a link to this website is provided.
Author Title
Rev John Clifford '1984 and all that…'
Jon Cape 'Rememberance Part 2'
Jon Cape 'Rememberance Part 1'
Iain Brown 'A Worshipping Atheist – Part 1'
John Clifford 'Edict of Torda 450years'
Neelam Bakshi 'Cycles & Rhythms of Life '
Bill Darlison 'This Changes Everything'
Margaret Paxton and Iain Brown 'War & Peace'
Barry Bell 'The importance of engaging with our spiritual questions'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Decisions Decisions'
Iain Brown What is 'Spirituality'?
Barbara Clifford 'WHAT IF…'
Barry Bell 'Open to change - the Unitarian way?'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Adapt or Perish'
John Clifford 'Change'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Sustainable Empathy'
Barry Bell 'Shared faith and diversity - a reconciliation'
Iain Brown 'Are churches still much use?'
Barbara Clifford 'Unitarians and Humanitarian Work'
John Clifford 'Personal Integrity and Group Decisions'
Barry Bell 'The Importance of Vision'
Barry Bell 'Religiosity or Spirituality? - does it matter what we call it?'
Barbara Clifford 'St. David'
Iain Brown 'Ayaan Hirsi Ali - A Muslim Heroine '
Lyanne Mitchel 'Robert Burns and Inspiration – His and Ours.'
Barry Bell 'New Understandings'
Iain Brown 'Thoughts on Christmas'
Iain Brown 'Islam and IslamISTS '
Jim Millar 'The Butterfly Effect'
Lyanne Mitchell Exploring the Consept of 'image'
Barry Bell Unitarians and Religious Freedom
Iain Brown "Big Evil" and little evil
Rev John Clifford REFLECTIONS on Leadership [authority, consultation]
Barry Bell What comprises 'valid' spiritual or religious practice?
Barbara Clifford A collection of Unitarian Women
Iain Brown Can we Make a 'Good' Death, Regardless of Belief?
John Clifford REFLECTIONS on heaven and hell
Barry Bell The Purpose of Spiritual Community
Iain Brown The Uses of the Recent History of Liberal Christianity
Alistair Moodie 'Body and Spirit'
Iain Brown ' A Twenty First Century Buddhist Skeptic 2'
Iain Brown ' A Twenty First Century Buddhist Skeptic 1'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Cover Ups'
Iain Brown 'Ecclesiastes, Vanity of Vanities and Meaning and Purpose'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Some Transcending Ideas'
Barbara Clifford 'A Caring Community'
Iain Brown 'Martineau, the Moral Law, Sin and Conscience - reflection and discussion'
Barry Bell 'Responding to our Spirituality'
Iain Brown 'Martineau, the Moral Law, Sin and Conscience'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Throwing Light on Shadows'
Barry Bell 'Fairy Stories, Faith and Inclusive Spirituality'
Barbara Clifford 'Servetus'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Hats of Different Colours'
Iain Brown 'The Glasgow Church in Times of Sedition and Subversion'
Barbara Clifford 'Living in a material world during a recession'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Spiritual Nourishment'
Iain Brown 'Ralph Waldo Emerson, Transcendentalism and the Problem of Individualism'
Barbara Clifford 'Compassion, what is it?'
Jim Millar 'Jesus the Man'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Thought Energy'
Jim Millar 'The New Atheism'
Iain Brown 'Mummy, if God loves us all, why does he let all those children starve on TV?'
Barry Bell 'Our Unitarian Community'
Lyanne Michell 'Concepts of Home - Physical and Spiritual'
Barbara Clifford 'Ten Years On…What have we learned?
Barry Bell 'Unitarian worship and Unitarian community - a personal vision
Barry Bell 'The Importance of Personal Experience'
Alastair Moody 'Intelligence Part 2: About Love (and Faith and Hope)'
Iain Brown 'From Stone to Nuclear: The Religion of Our Remote Ancestors?'
Jim Millar 'Why Go to Church?'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Living Energy'
John Clifford 'Christmas Homily'
Barry Bell 'Good News'
Barbara Clifford 'A Sense of Belonging'
Jim Millar 'On War'
Iain Brown 'Your God is Too Small
Barry Bell 'Science, Faith, and Unitarians' – Part 1
Barry Bell 'Science, Faith, and Unitarians' – Part 2
Barbara Clifford 'The Church and Learning'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Reaching for the High Notes'
Jim Millar 'Mythicism'
Iain Brown 'Paul and the Titles of his Cosmic Christ'
Rev John Clifford 'One and Many'
Barry Bell 'Thoughts on Unconditional Love'
Barbara Clifford 'Elizabeth Gaskell'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Norbert Capek's LEGACY'
Rev John Clifford 'Community and Structure'
James Millar 'A New Christianity'
Iain Brown 'What is a liberal religion?'
Roddy Macpherson 'One Unitarian's Thoughts on the Pope's Visit to Scotland'
Joan Cook 'Sounds of Silence'
Lesley Hart 'Ageing Gracefully/Disgracefully'
Rev John Clifford 'Love and Suffering'
Barbara Clifford 'In the beginning'
Neelam Bakshi 'Connecting to Wholeness'
Jim Millar 'Gospel of Physics'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Life patterns'
Roddy Macpherson 'Christmas Eve by Robert Browning'
Alastaire Moodie 'Liberating Jesus from Dogma and Creed'
Iain Brown 'Mad Yogis and Meditation'
Lyanne Mitchell 'Pilgrimage'
Iain Brown 'Resurrection'
Iain Brown 'Calvin and Calvinism'