Glasgow Unitarian Church - People
Just like the patchwork wall-hanging in our worship room, our group is made up of people with different views,
beliefs and values. Here are a few of us! Roll over our faces and read our stories.
Barbara Barbara Clifford

'I have been a Unitarian since 1975, previously I had attended a Welsh Baptist Chapel and derived from a family with the same background. This change of religion started when my then Catholic fiancee and myself decided to marry.Neither of us wished to be wed in the respective churches. We were spending time in Bristol and came across the Unitarian wayside notice outside Oakfield Church, the words read "We welcome all Religions". Subsequently we attended this Church where the assistant Minister the Reverend Bob Nicholson was prreaching, We decided this was for us and were married in the Church some months later. We liked the friendliness of the people, the Freedom and Tolerance indicated in the Sermons and when we moved to Glasgow, joining the Unitarian Church was a natural process.

I became involved in helpiing and organising a small Sunday School and I became involved with the Women's League group.and was a member of the Management Commitee for several differnt periods. The ladies were friendly and interesting, Later some of the ladies became good friends. Some years later after a career in Social Work and raising a family, when I returned, I tried to restart a local Women's League group. Now I am involved with the League on a District and National level. This year I have the priviledge of being installed as National President of the Women's League.

Through my Unitarianism I've had the opportunity to meet many people from other countires as far afield as India and Australia and Africa.

My Church means friendship, open mindedness and a Church that welcomes all Religions.