Glasgow Unitarian Church – Services
Our services of worship can be viewed as a celebration of our deepest values.
We see our religious beliefs as relevant to all aspects of life including the wider community.

We believe that everyone has a right to seek truth and meaning for themselves. As Unitarians, we are not required to assent to any creed or statement of faith. Our emphasis is on being true to oneself. We celebrate the dignity of differences between religions as a precious asset of humanity.

There is a strong emphasis on individuality. This enables us to hold our own beliefs and values without fear of being met with prejudice or intolerance. Each of us is free to seek and follow our own understanding and meaning to life within a caring community of like-minded people.

A visitor to our services may find the format of our services quite familiar – hymns, music, prayers/meditation, sermons and readings.

However the content is anything but traditional.

We enjoy a wide variety of perspectives from members of our congregation and a programme of visiting speakers who range from Humanists to Buddhists, Presbyterians to Pagans.