Glasgow Unitarian Church – Worship
Instead of a minister, we have a team of regular Worship Leaders who serve our fellowship on a rota basis.
A selection of their services can be read in our Archives.

Iain Brown - Lay Preacher
I try to help us all in sharing the wonder and awe of our existence and the mysteries and questions that confront us everywhere. I only lead worship on what inspires me at the time and that varies over a large range of issues, personal and impersonal, great and small.

Barbara Clifford
In worship I endeavour to share my thoughts on spirituality, caring and making the world a better place to live in. My services incorporate readings and poems written mostly with liberal religions in mind.

John Clifford
Worship deepens our commitment to living our values. It is a chance to: reflect on the way we have behaved; offer and accept forgiveness; seek creative ways to express our values; challenge social and theological orthodoxy; and challenge ourselves to do better. Worship is best when collaborative and multi-sensory.

Barry Bell
I bring worship services in the Unitarian tradition of ‘worthship’ – the finding, valuing and sharing of that which may be found to be of worth and meaning from within the entirety of human experience – in the hope that you may find something which aids YOUR spiritual growth

Alastair Moodie
I seek to express a spirituality for the 21st century that does not require belief in the supernatural - the natural universe is enough. I respect our Christian heritage but it needs re-interpretation in the light of new knowledge and new ethical challenges. I draw from many sources of human wisdom.

Roddy Macpherson
I hope I manage to find things to say in a church which people find interesting. Perhaps I don't address seriously the Great Mysteries - but do, too often, speak mysteriously. So let me be clear: I lead services occasionally because I enjoy being part of this group of worship leaders.

Lyanne Mitchell
The starting point for my service themes is 'The Human Condition'. I believe that being a member of this open-minded fellowship can help us all to live as kinder, better human beings. I draw inspiration from Nature and Art - and hope to connect to the Creative Spirit.

Jim Millar
My services are traditional in structure, but my views are grounded in science and reason combined with insights from the arts and humanities and sprinkled with a little humour. I seek new ways of reflecting on the mystery, and beauty of the world whilst exploring that part of ourselves we call spiritual or religious.