November 2017

At our service on November 5th we said goodbye to our minister, Michael, who is retiring and moving away.

The community will continue without a minister until a replacement can be appointed. For the remainder of this year services will follow the usual pattern.

However, in 2018 that pattern may change. Please make sure that you check the calendar page for details.

Also please note that we will continue to offer weddings in the chapel but until further notice we are unable to offer Child Welcomings or Funerals

KES at Christmas

Sunday 18th December

From 10am until 2.30pm

Unwind with a cup of tea or coffee and homemade cake in our 17th century Chapel or have your lunch with us Quiche and salad

Then at 3pm the Whaley Bridge Trainer Band will be joining us once more at our Carol Service. All welcome

Christmas Day at 10.30am

The gifts of Christmas Gathering together to celebrate the gifts of the season

From December's Newsletter

Rainbow Haven from Jenny

On Monday 21st Nov Clare and I were invited to an AGM at Rainbow Haven. The meeting was both inspiring and full of promise. It was also nice for me personally to see some familiar faces. The chair's report can be found in the chapel and I encourage you to take a copy. Both the staff and the hard working team of volunteers gave some interesting talks on how they work together to make it a success.

One volunteer told us that she didn't know where she would have been without the help and support she had received, and because of it all she herself became a volunteer, whilst another volunteer seconded what she said, and added that she worked tirelessly and passionately and how much he enjoyed working with her, so much so that he felt if she went, he too would have to go.

There was a real sense of a lively community all working together for the common good of the displaced and vulnerable people they serve. There was such a positive input and this came out every time someone spoke, they felt they were one big happy family. One volunteer summed it up at the end when he stood up to speak and said being involved was something that money couldn't buy.

The meeting was followed with a very delicious and tasty lunch. Clare and I left with not only a very satisfied and full tummy, but a warm feeling that we had really enjoyed the day and its atmosphere.

We at Kes hope to carry on supporting where we can, so do't give up bringing things in please, so we can fill our cars and take things over, I can assure you everything is so gratefully appreciated.


From July's Newsletter

The Interfaith Group by Jill Walsh

I recently re-joined the Macclesfield Interfaith Group that I used to attend with Eila. They are a friendly bunch of people who join together in the hope of bringing down the barriers between communities. At the meetings I have attended there have been representatives from the Hindu faith, The Mormons, The Jewish Faith, The United Reformed Church, The Quakers and the Anglican Church. We are actively seeking representatives of other faiths to join us so if you know anyone who might be interested please get in touch.

At my first meeting we decided to create an event for the Srebrenica Memorial Day which takes place on the 11th of July. There will be a week-long exhibition starting on the that date in the Savage Chapel in St Michael's Church which will also remember the Armenian Massacres of a century ago and the Shoah.

The aim is a positive one. It is 21 years since Srebrenica and the tag line for this year's Memorial Day is: 'United Against Hatred: 21 Coming of Age - Time to Act.' It is this message that we will be trying to get across.

Our exhibition entitled 'Evil Flourishes' features some wonderful materials from Remembering Srebrenica, the Jewish Community and the Manchester Armenian Community. There will be music, a lecture, an art instillation, information boards, and photographs. There will also be prayers and a vigil in St Michaels Church. Michael and I are planning to put together a service on the 17th.

The exhibition is an example of one of the ways we seek to bring communities together and the Interfaith group itself is proof of how diverse groups can work together to create a more positive future. This is our first exhibition. We hope that you will come along and see what we have created.


From June's Newsletter

News of a new course being held at the chapel

Investigate the power of your mind by Rebecca Anselmo

This four part class is for people interested in self-growth and reaching their inner potential.
Through sharing information and self-reflective activities each person will come to their own realizations and cognition of themselves and the world around them. Let your journey to a happy, joyous fulfilling life begin now.

First class free, o?=o?=o?=o?=B£5 each for the remaining classes.

Thurs. 16, 30 June and 14, 28 July 7-8:30pm

For more details contact Rebecca on 07891983828 or e mail


From May's Newsletter

Barnaby Festival

Each year the chapel is pleased to host events for the festival. This year's selection follows.

Fri day 17th June 19.45 - 21.00

Former BBC Political Editor and presenter of Radio 4's Today Programme explores the contemporary debate around free speech. Nick Robinson argues that the concept of a 'safe space' - creating a protective cocoon to avoid causing offence - is itself a threat to open and intellectual debate. Followed by short question and answer sessions.

Sunday 19th June 12.45 - 14.30

Brewing Culture - This event seems to be 'pub crawl' where the participants gather at the Chapel at the beginning!

Sunday 19th June 20.30 - 22.15

A double bill of two very distinct comedy styles but with the same result, an hilarious evening. Join BBC Radio New Comedy Award Finalist Tom Ward (Comedy Central) for his unique show, deftly interweaving his love for voices, sound effects and unsung heroes (kettles, friendly perverts, Tupperware) with the here and now. Meanwhile, Pierre Novellie (Channel 4, BBC Radio 4, BBC Three and the first comedian to perform at the Large Hadron Collider) is not cool but he is trying. Is it cool to be depressed? "The dawn of a major talent" THE GUARDIAN 18+ only

Wednesday 22nd June 21.00 - 22.00

Learn about Macclesfield's ghostly past on a short walk with Scott Thomson, dropping in on live performances of Ghosts by Stephen McNeff from the KEMS Concert Band at various haunted locations..
Starts in the graveyard at St Michael's and finishes with a 'spirit' at the Bate Hall pub. Meet at St Michael's Church.
In association with King Edward Musical Society of Macclesfield.

Thursday 23rd June 19.30 - 20.30

Comedy, cartoonery, poetry & improv! A show created with the audience by poet, broadcaster and 'Bard of Barnsley' Ian McMillan and Cartoonist of the Year Tony Husband. A fast-flowing, interactive adventure which draws on local stories and legends set in Macclesfield's hidden 17th century Unitarian Chapel. (Suitable for all ages).

24th June 20.30 - 23.30

Acoustic Sanctuary returns to Barnaby with an evening of the best unplugged music in this 17th Century Chapel. London-based singer songwriter Gideon Conn headlines a line-up of some of Macclesfield's finest talent, including Tom Linton, Kezia, Dave Hudson and Tim Woodhouse. Curated by Andy Hughes.


From April's Newsletter

Sundungaree on Food

February's gathering, hosted by Jill, was about food. She introduced three ideas about food; memories, love and hospitality but there were many other aspects spoken about as we would expect from our diverse community.

There were stories about memories that certain foods could bring back and stories of how food represented love and comfort.
Some spoke of food as a choice to sustain our bodies and our health with quotations from Ernest's book written from a homeopathic viewpoint.
Some spoke of their own dietary choices, stories from being pescatarian, to choosing organic farming practices, to supporting animal rights through wanting to choose a vegan diet and meditation or mindfulness about the origin of food before eating a meal.
There were opinions about personal responsibility about food choices and admissions of failure to live up to our ideals.

There was music too -traditional Chinese music from the Jing Ying soloists which was almost meditational - and we ended with "Life is just a bowl of cherries".

There has been some discussion about food in the calendar over the last months including a piece by Yvonne about waste food and an article about her plans to open a waste food cafe, published in the local paper, was brought as a contribution to the Sundungaree.

Yvonne has set up a facebook page Waste Food Cafe ( just search for Waste food cafe, Macclesfield on Facebook. )
There have already been meetings in Macclesfield, one of which Val has attended, and Yvonne is pushing ahead with her plans to open such a cafe even to the extent of choosing a name.

The campaign to force supermarkets to give waste food to charity is having some effect and there are campaigns online to which you can add your signature. However, an article in The Times recently quotes figures of 15m tons of food waste of which 8m is from private households!

I wonder if there is anything we can do to help Yvonne or to reduce wasted food ourselves. At the moment perhaps by keeping in touch with Yvonne's plans by visiting her page where there is lots of information updated regularly.

I'm no cook and the only thing I do regularly to stop waste is to make an "everything in" soup from the vegetables I have left over at the end of the week.
If anyone has any recipes for left -over food I'd be happy to print them in future calendars.

Plenty of food for thought in this sundungaree. Thank you Jill.